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Q: What's so special about Southern Straps?

A: Our watch straps use a patent pending design where pegged spring bars allow quick and easy interchangeability of straps without the use of a watch tool. While this was a common feature on metal and leather straps in the past, this is a first with nylon straps. Southern Straps are also double bonded, stitched and heat sealed leading to unparalleled durability.

Q: Which Apple Watch adapters match up with which Apple Watches?

A: Our Stainless Steel adapters match up to both the Apple Watch Sport Silver Aluminum and the Apple Watch Stainless Steel. Our Space Black adapters match up with the Apple Watch Sport Space Gray as well as the Apple Watch Space Black. Finally, our Gold adapters match up with the Apple Watch Edition Gold as well as the Apple Watch Sport Gold Aluminum. For those with either the Rose Gold Apple Watch Edition or Rose Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Sport, we'd suggest going with our Gold adapters as this is the closest match.

Q: How should I care for my strap

A: When your strap arrives you may notice it is tough, rugged and meant to last a lifetime. As such it can be slightly stiff the first few hours you wear it. Simple hair conditioner softens up the strap considerably and makes for a very comfortable fit. If you want to loosen up the strap a bit, roll up your strap and put a rubber band around it to hold the strap in that position. Leave it like this over night and the strap will loosen up even more. As for regular cleaning, simply detach your strap from your watch and clean the strap with dish soap and hot water. For more rigorous cleaning, leave the strap in bowl of hot, soapy water overnight. Before attaching watch strap again, rinse with cold water.

Q: What's your shipping like? Do you ship internationally?

A: We ship from the United States using USPS and DHL. We ship worldwide to every country allowed by US mail and DHL.

Q: What's your Return Policy?

A: Returns must be postmarked within two weeks of delivery and sent to the following address in order to be eligible for a refund:

Southern Straps
123 Wood Road, Los Gatos, California, 95030

Q: Where are your straps made?

A: Our straps are assembled in California from parts made in America and China.